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Koyal Training Group has been providing Insurance Fraud courses to Insurance groups, Third Party Managers, and Self-Insured's for many years. At present, we provide this same service to the Private Investigative Industry. Koyal Training provides Private Investigator Continuing Education (CEU) in every state that mandates it. Aside from our Private Investigator CEU Courses, many businesses utilize our training programs for their own Private Investigator Education projects.

We have many years of insurance fraud track record. We are engaged professionals who recognize how difficult it is to remain at the peak of your class. We endeavor to present our insurance fraud courses as being effortless and expedient, whether online, or on site, with a range of courses to orient all personnel, from the novice to the veteran staff. Our administration group and program designers are respected, genuine professionals within the insurance industry.

A way to fighting insurance scam is using education. A growing number of states and carriers are slowly requiring insurance fraud training to all integral insurance employees. Koyal Training has made it painless for you and your business to derive the fraud training mandated by the state. We will design a tailor-fitted training curriculum to suit your company's requirements, in compliance with your state and/or company statutes and policies. Koyal Training Management System will monitor and keep all of your employee training documents and journalize each for their yearly education. As an administrator, you have unrestricted access to your entire staff's documents.

Aside from our Insurance and Insurance Fraud Training, we provide the Texas Occupation and Administrative and the Georgia mandated Homeland Security course. Koyal Training can furnish the industry-certified professional appellation for private agents labeled as the IFC (Insurance Fraud Certified).

  • Advantages:
  • Lessons are conducted online or in your business locality.
  • Lessons are designed to address your business or state requirements.
  • Cost and time efficient.
  • Allows you the freedom to pursue your other vital tasks.
  • Autonomous from any investigation providers, hence, no marketing or sales advertising disrupts any course process.
  • Stimulating and dynamic program content.